Why are old music videos on youtube so low quality?


Just watched the official Bombs Over Baghdad video. I know it is 20 years old but I swear it didn’t used to look like that. It’s not a 640:480 thing either. I could understand if it was a copy of a copy or something, but it’s the official video. I have seen this with tons of musicians and other stuff on youtube.

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A lot of the times it’s also because you have a superior high-quality TV/monitor, you never noticed it before till exposed to the new one. It’s like how a high quality sound system, like the high-end ones tend to expose bad recordings off YouTube. Another example is like how a CRT television the old-school kind your VHS/Dvd looked normal but now VHS/dvd on a high-def TV looks low quality. Especially when viewed on a 4K television.

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