Why are people laughing more when they are in a group?


When I am watching a show or a comedy, alone and there’s something funny most of the time I don’t laugh, but when I watch something or see something with friends I laugh more. Why is that?

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It’s not really known why but laughter being contagious is thought to be some sort of laugh detector in humans. Possibly a neural circuit in the brain that responds exclusively to laughter and generates a response of laughter, similar to contagious yawning. It’s brain chemistry. As to what purpose this served evolutionarily, maybe it’s a bonding thing that helped humans to relate to one another and come together as a social species.

This is what scientist mean when they say we are a “social species” our brains are highly tuned to understand what people are feeling/saying through body language and vocalization. Working in a group means better survival odds, so if a group of people are having fun you’re brain desperately wants to be a part of the group and laughing is a no-brainer, low effort way to show you are amicable, not threatening, and want to cooperate with the group

Most (if not all) comedy relies upon a social status change. The “butt” of a joke is diminished. This social context diminishment is recognized and the rapid breathing response, laughter, is the acknowledgement. A group will prevail in reinforcing this awareness, however an individual will put themselves at risk for targeting by the diminished party. Strength and humour in numbers.


Fun Fact: Humans will instinctively look at the person they most desire approval from and safety with first when they laugh. Can confirm, this is a damn fine way to get an idea of who’s got an eye for you in a friend group.

My girlfriend does this when at social events when in a group. Haha he he ha he ha…. Everything illicits a laugh.

It’s so odd to me.