why are potassium supplements so low for safety reasons but a banana has like 4200mg?


Edit: i confused numbers. Google says a medium banana has 422mg but the recommended amount is anywhere between 2000mg and 4700mg

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A quick search popped that banana has 358mg approximately and found a strong supplement that has 595 mg so not really sure what u are talking about and some medical websites says u should consume around 3.000mg per day of potassium.

read this elsewhere, but potassium apparently can have disasterous effects on your heart if you absorb too much, too quickly.

a banana has it locked up in a bunch of other things, so your body slowly absorbs it as it digests.

A banana has only about a 10th of what you wrote, 450mg of potassium each. That also seems to be roughly the content of one supplement pill. So the answer is: they are not that low.

Banana has 420 mg not 4,200 mg. Supplements usually about 100 mg potassium. Prescription strength is about 750 mg. Too much potassium, especially if you have kidney function decrease can be heart deadly.

There are much stronger prescription strength potassium supplements out there though. They go in increments of 20 mEq (780 mg). Either tablets or liquid. At one point I was up to 100 mEq (3900 mg) of liquid daily.