Why are printers so fussy?


Why are printers so fussy?

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It’s very easy for small dust particles to enter the printer and send it spiraling out of control. Also, nearly every printer that is installed on a network without a firewall will have some sort of malware issue causing the printer to spiral.

Because technology and money

Technology is fiddly when you have to be accurate to within a thousandth of an inch for years and years and years of low maintenance and abuse

Money because the people who sell the printers actualy do not make money off of the printers themselves. They make money off of the ink and maintenance of these printers

It is literally cheeper to buy a printer, use up the ink in an hour. Go back and get it replaced with a new one. Than it is to get more ink for it to work again.

Monopolies suck

Short version: capitalism. Why make a better printer if they don’t have to?

Longer version: because involving moving parts means things need to be maintained, and that doesn’t happen. Comparatively, most other tech has very few moving parts. Easier to make reliable.

In conclusion: buy a laser printer. Don’t fuck around with imitations. Future you will thank yourself.


I find it’s connection problems and not mechanical ones as most people have mentioned. Why do they seem to pause or not want to print so often?

Note – not an answer but probably a clarification of the question

A big part of it is likely that you’ve just got a really poor quality printer.

Printer companies often sell printers at a loss in order to encourage people to actually buy them. They make up for that loss by jacking up the price of the ink (which is also why they fight so hard to keep their ink cartridges proprietary and non-refillable).

A side-effect of this is people have been conditioned to expect printers to fall within a certain price range, so whenever they see a decent printer sold at a reasonable price, they scoff at it.