Why are sea crossing bridges all beam bridges?



Why not use multiple lengths of suspension/cable-stayed or any other types of bridges?

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Cost. Cost for a suspension bridge is much higher than multispan bridges. It’s also lower maintenance costs.

Suspension and cable stayed bridges also require lots of vertical building on top of the building to sea floors which is costly.

A lot is to do with cost and maintenance, there good at handling wind flex, not as good as others , but they get the job done they also don’t have great life spans, I’d argue it would be cheaper in the long haul if they were suspension bridges they are better in almost every way, just look at the skyway bridge in Florida that’s a tough ass bridge but stupidly expensive to build , it’s trade off to either spend a lot now or spend a little now but needs more maintenance to keep up but that maintenance is easy compared to suspension/cable stayed

They’re not always–the Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden is mostly beam, but it has a cable-stayed section in the middle to provide a wider span that ships can more easily pass through.