– Why are there so many (seemingly) fake reviews for apps on mobile app stores?


Like the title suggests. There are so many reviews for apps that may or may not be garbage apps. But if you look in the reviews, there is an overwhelming number of super-positive reviews that seem fake, or like they have been placed there by the app developers to entice people to buy/download their app. Real reviews get lost in this horde of possibly fake reviews. What gives?

In: Technology

There is services out that you can use to pay for these “reviews.” The more, and positive, reviews and app/product has, the more likely it’ll be noticed/used. It’s common practice now days.

Johnny wants to sell you candy for a quarter.

He knows fora penny a piece he can get all the foreign kids to tell you they bought candy from him before and it was really good.

I used to freelance write and edit on UpWork. There were jobs to write our review ads all the time that paid dirt cheap because people from India and Ukraine would gobble them up.