Why are toilet bowls usually porcelain and not plastic?


Why are toilet bowls usually porcelain and not plastic?

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Plastic is not as durable as porcelain and starts to break down earlier. *Also* plastic can soak up smells – not the ideal thing when you’re talking about a device that literally handles fecal matter and urine!!

Stainless steel is another material that is commonly used in certain commercial toilets.

Because porcelain is like glass, almost nothing will scratch it, nothing will really stick to it, it won’t absorb oders and it won’t change color over time. Oh ya and it’s pretty cheap.

Have you ever used an outdoor plastic toilet (porta-potty)?

Porcelain is much more durable, and easier to clean as well.

Granted, it does shatter, but then plastic deforms, so maybe we call that a wash.

Porcelain is very easy to clean. Plastic tend to form a lot of small cracks for dirt to enter and the dirt might even get in between the plastic molecules. So you can not really clean plastic that well. However porcelain forms a very smooth and hard surface where dirt have a very hard time clinging on. In most cases just rinsing it with water is enough to make the toilet completely free of dirt and germs.

You know how plastic Tupperware containers often stain from leftovers? Well imaging what plastic being a toilet would look like…