why are women expected to frequently get OB/GYN checkups but male reproductive specialists are rare?


why are women expected to frequently get OB/GYN checkups but male reproductive specialists are rare?

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Not a medical specialist and male, so definitely take this with a grain of salt, but my thoughts are that since most of the male reproductive system is on the outside of the body it is easier for a male to self check and be able to tell if something is wrong on their own where a females reproductive system is mostly internal and needs to be checked by a medical professional.

It could also be that vaginas are tricky and just need more maintenance in general, or a combination of both.

Gynecological exams are not always about reproductive functions. Cervical cancer is a major component that can only be screened via an invasive swab. Birth control is one of the most common reasons women consult gynecologists, which is essentially anti-reproductive care. Gynecologists are also period specialists, so if a woman experiences abnormalities with their cycle, that’s who they see. And UTIs and other infections and body chemistry issues.

There’s a lot going on down there for women.

Compare to testicular and prostate cancer which can be screened manually by a general practitioner during a physical for men.


[The male version of an OB GYN is called a urologist.](https://www.healthline.com/health/what-is-a-urologist#urology) Many doctors will specialize more in reproduction than in bladder/urination health, and vice versa. A urogynecologist is a doctor who specializes in urinary tract issues for people with uterii. Urologists have similar specializations.

That said, no matter what parts you have it’s complicated down there. My assumption is that OB GYN are more well-known because of their role caring for pregnant women and delivering babies. Urologists in pop culture are mostly “turn your head and cough” jokes, while OB GYNs are involved in all sorts of media because their job involves birthing new people, although that’s not all they do.

Male plumbing is an outhouse, where as female plumbing is a fully featured truck stop bathroom with showering facilities. Both are pretty disgusting when you get right down to it, but the lady parts are more difficult to service and require more maintenance.

Because cervical cancer will kill you.

If you get prostate cancer (the equivalent) they just hack off your nuts and tell you “good luck.” Then there is one of the scariest phrases you can hear: Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer which is generally a death sentence AFTER they already cut off your balls.

I have a question. What goes through a doctor’s mind when they’re specialising in a field like obgyn or urology? Don’t they feel a bit you know…or do they think like “it’s just another part of the machine which needs fixing” ?


It’s a fetish thing?

The female reproductive system does more – not just produce gametes but also carry babies, it comes with a lot more to go wrong. A lot of gynaecological consults are related to period issues (including endometriosis) or post childbirth issues (continence and prolapse issues).

Also we have screening for cancer for women that requires an exam (cervical cancer screening), that is done by general practitioners in a lot of places that I think is done by ob/gyn in the US.

It’s not rare for male reproductive specialist they are just urologist. Men as they get older have to be checked out often just like women do. The difference though is women are more complex in that region needing more specialty and services including birth control and birth. So an OB/GYN makes sense. For males the process is much easier and doesn’t require a specialist. They put a glove on their hand, use some lubricant, and give your prostate a feel. Done, and almost any general practitioner can do it. If there is an issue or concern though THATS when they send them to the Urologist.

Working on a mans reproduction system is like tuning up a 60’s Camaro with a carb, not much to it. For women it’s like building a formula 1 car. You need experts.

Women have internal genitalia, men have external genitalia. In many cases, it’s easier for men to detect a problem on their own and go to a doctor to have it checked out. With women, if it’s inside of us, we won’t always know there’s anything happening. For example, I have uterine fibroids. My only symptom was a slightly irregular period, which is common and not usually cause for alarm. When I went for my annual, my doctor ordered tests and that’s how I found out.

Most women do not need to see an obgyn for routine care. Family medicine is able to handle routine cancer screens and birth control easily. Internal medicine doctors can as well, but I think they have to be more proactive in getting trained and credentialed to do it.

A good question for anyone with a uterus and/or cervix to ask when choosing a doctor is if that doctor handles pap smears and/or birth control.

The cervical cancer screenings do start early (21 years), but are 3-5 years apart depending on age. There is even talk of decreasing the frequency of screenings further for people who had the HPV vaccine at an early age, but so far not enough people have gotten the vaccine for that to be feasible.

Males can also get penile and testicular cancer this young, but that is easier to notice thanks to their genitalia being more external.

Source: am a family medicine doctor and do all that. I send folks to Obgyn when there’s something wrong I can’t fix our figure out, or when they are pregnant. Some of my colleagues also handle uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries, but that is becoming less common in the US.

the male version of a OB/GYN is called a urologist, and most men over 45 see one… If you mean why is it more rare for men to need to see one compared to women, there is just more issues when you have a hole in you that things go into than there is when you just have an “out” tube.

* Men rarely get breast cancer
* Men don’t have a cervix
* Men don’t get pregnant
* Outside of condoms and vasectomies, men are not responsible for birth control
* Men don’t need a fertility evaluation unless they are part of an infertile couple (medically defined as no pregnancy despite adequate sex for one year). And weirdly, its often an OB-GYN who will do the first-line testing for men in that situation (basic history and physical plus sperm count)
* The main male-specific cancers, testicular cancer and prostate cancer, do not benefit as much from prevention as breast or cervical cancer

It varies by locality. In my country you only see an ob/gyn for a problem. Not for check ups. Check ups, smear tests, contraception, and trouble free pregnancy and birth is covered by nurse, gp, and midwife. If you have troubles, you get a referral, just like any other specialist

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