Why aren’t car-like 3 point seatbelts used in planes?


Why aren’t car-like 3 point seatbelts used in planes?

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A car’s seatbelt is designed to hold you in place in the event of an accident, typically a very rapid stop. They hold your body in place so you don’t go flying through the windshield. A lap belt is not ideal because your torso will fly forward which could damage your back or neck (or head if it hits the dashboard).

Airplane seatbelts are meant to hold you in place during turbulence. If the plane crashes (or has a “very rapid stop”), there’s not much a 3-point seatbelt will do to save your life.

Because it wouldn’t matter in terms of a crash. The seat belts currently on planes are only for turbulence, and they work just fine for that.

They do in certain Business Class seats. However the shoulder straps can be unbuckled after takeoff. Probably because you can’t do any of the other brace positions.


Actually, some do. I’m assuming you mean for commercial passenger planes, my personal plane has shoulder harnesses for the front seats.