Why banana flavoured products does not taste like banana?


Why banana flavoured products does not taste like banana?

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Answer: the artificial banana flavoring used most commonly is from a species of bananas that are now extinct so yeah, banana flavored products don’t taste like bananas that still exist

They do. The problem is that bananas don’t taste like bananas.

Okay, so they do. But they don’t taste like how bananas used to taste.

We’re maybe more used to this idea with apples and potatoes. You get different varieties of apples, and different varieties of potatoes. Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, etc. Bananas have different varieties too. But for a good time, the only bananas that westerners are were Gros Michels. Then a banana disease came along (or was it a bug? I can’t remember) which made it really hard to grow these in large quantities. So we switched to the Cavendish banana, a hardier variety. Problem is they didn’t taste as sweet, and all the banana-flavoured stuff was kept the same. So now banana flavouring tastes more banana than bananas.

Artificial banana flavoring was designed to taste like a banana variety that is now functionally extinct. Today’s bananas are said to not taste as good as the old ones.

In the early 20th century Gros Michel bananas were the most popular variety. But while technically not extinct, they can no longer be grown in commercial quantities.

Bananas that are grown commercially are all genetic clones grown from cuttings which makes them exceptionally vulnerable to fungus. This is called mono-culture farming, and is a very serious ecological problem for a variety of reasons.

The entire crop of the Gros Michel banana variety was wiped out by such a fungus and can no longer be grown in quantity because the fungus is still in the environment. As soon as you attempt to grow Gros Michel in any kind of quantity the trees get attacked by the fungus.

Hence the song “Yes, we have no bananas!”


Gros Michel were replaced by the Cavendish bananas that we eat today which are slightly smaller but don’t taste as good. But the same thing is happening again, a similar fungus is currently spreading and destroying the entire Cavendish crop. Cavendish bananas are likely not to be commercially viable within a few decades.

But don’t fret, farmers are working hard to create new banana varieties to replace them.

I just learned the orange circus peanuts (candy) are actually banana flavored. The old bananas.

The taste is still close. The flavor is more intense than most bananas, but when you let them get massively overripe then the scent is close to the flavoring.