Why can big celebrities openly admit to taking illegal drugs, and have little to no action taken against them?


Johnny Depp’s recent trial comes to mind – he openly admitted to doing cocaine but as far as I’m aware no action was taken

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People can say anything (within reason) but to “take action”, there must actually be evidence. Someone saying “I did this” is not evidence. People have no obligation to be truthful in day to day speech.

Exactly when? Is it beyond the statute of limitations?

Where? Which jurisdiction, exactly, is going to pursue the case?

How much? Different amounts yield different penalties.

Most places have better things to do than to tackle a well lawered, aging actor for simple possession.

Anyone can openly admit to taking illegal drugs and have little to no action taken against them. In order to be arrested, charged and convicted of using drugs, you have to be seen by LE actually doing the drugs or exhibiting signs of being under the influence of drugs.

Under the influence laws aka usage of drugs, are misdemeanor crimes and in some cases only infractions.

Misdemeanor arrests, for the most part, can only be made when that misdemeanor is committed in the officers presence.

Felony arrests can be made upon probable cause or warrant.

Because people can say anything. If someone brags about taking drugs to their friends to try and impress them, when they haven’t, is it fair to arrest them? Where do we draw the line?

Is this such an important question for you that you needed an ELI5? I come here for complex, intricate ponderings, you guys flood the sub with this nonsense.