Why can insects move their legs so fast but humans(mammals) can not?


i have seen videos of spiders moving their legs so fast and also ants move very fast wrt their size I always wonder how

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Their legs don’t weigh anything, so even a tiny muscle twitch is sufficient to accelerate them quickly.

You’re many orders of magnitude larger, an immense mountain of muscle and bone by comparison. It takes time to get all the mass moving.

When it does move though, you’re far faster than any ant. Any decent runner can beat even the world’s fastest insects, there’s no substitute for stride length.

Can you walk faster than a spider? Yes. How? Because your legs move faster.

Their legs look like they move fast because they are small and the frequency of movement is high: they “cycle” legs quickly. We cycle our legs slower because each cycle carries us much further.

Because we’re heavy, it would be exhausting. The general rule is that the heavier you are, the slower your movements are, proportionnaly to your body. It doesn’t mean you’re slower, you’re just efficient in your own way becausd of evolution.

If they move their legs so much faster than us, then why do we walk faster than them? The question is worded a bit strangely to give a clear answer, but the eli5 is that our legs move faster.