Why can the time we sleep for be so inconsistent?


Sometimes I can be fine with a few hours, but other time I can sleep for 10 hours+ on fairly similar schedules. Does our body not control the time we sleep and why can it vary so much?

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Not sure I have the medical knowledge to fully answer but easy way I can think of is, when you drive a car do you always use the same amount of gas or does it vary on how fast you drive, sit at stop light, Traffic…?

You use different amounts of energy each day. Your body may need more of one thing or another to accommodate.

The other thing is time was invented or at least measuring it was invented. Before a clock and fire/lights, you slept while it was dark and woke up when there was light.

i’m fairly sure for most people it is a lot more regular than that. i have this problem as well but i’m fairly sure we are the exception and not the rule. basically there is just something wrong with the way our body’s regulate sleep and wake. it could be a variety of things since there are a variety of factors that influence sleep. it could be that you are not exposed to enough natural light, it could be something chemical in the way you body releases melatonin, it could be that your physical activity varies wildly from day to day or one of the many of factors that i am probably not thinking of. hope this helps. i’m not a medical professional, this is mostly based on my personal observations and the occasional minor research into the topic. i’ve been meaning to talk to a professional about but i worry their just going to lecture me about sleep hygiene and send me off with very little help and a massive bill so i haven’t done it yet.