Why can’t animals talk?



Why can’t animals talk?

In: Biology

The main thing is that you need a very complex brain in order to have language, and most animals don’t have brains that are able to process complex thoughts and turn them into words.

Humans evolved to be really smart as our way of figuring out how to survive, and we also learned to work in groups, which required that we needed ways to communicate complex ideas to each other. But other animals were able to survive without being very clever, and so they didn’t need to develop a complex language, they could just do what their instincts said. And when they had to communicate with each other, animals didn’t need complex ideas, so they didn’t need a language.

In addition to not being smart enough, most animals also don’t have the vocal chords. Like how Coco the ape could talk in sign language, she couldn’t talk because apes can’t make the words/sounds we can. And while some birds have the vocal chords to talk, they aren’t (mostly) smart enough to really talk. So far only humans have the combination of brains and voice needed.

Some of the smarter animals might have their own language, but it’s really hard for us to know for sure and how detailed it is.