Why can’t drones be designed to home in on and destroy jammers?

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If I understand correctly, a jammer puts out a bunch of RF to overload a drone’s remote link or GPS signal. Why wouldn’t it be trivially easy to just home in on that transmitter and destroy it?

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There is tech that will zero in on the tracking or jamming signals and destroy it, but you’re wasting ammunition and resources on something that probably wasn’t the original target anyways. Even if the jammer is destroyed, it succeeded in protecting whatever was the original target

It’s cheaper to improve the drone to make it resistance to jamming. Adding a thin piece of metal will shield it from below attacks, directional antennas to limit jamming exposure, and even the ability to jump frequencies and channels can make jamming unreliable.

This is kind of way one of the best counter measures against drones is starting to become drones that can disable enemy drones in midair.

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