– Why can’t front windshields have the same defrosting method as rear windshields?


The rear windshield defrosters seem so much more effective. Is it just the lines across the drivers field of view that makes it decidedly unsafe?

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I have seen two kinds of windscreen defrosters. One is already mentioned metal wiring inside the windscreen which works the same as rear defroster. I suspect the other one is quite more expensive since i have only seen it in higher end models. It is basically a conductive see through layer inside the windshield and there is no visible wires at all.

You can but it significantly increases the cost of the windshield, for my 2014 keep compass it cost $350 for a windshield however that can easily triple for a heated windshield.

Additionally chips in heated windshields cannot be repaired and while it is damaged it it’s not recommended to use the heater as it can cause cracking or the chip to transfer though the lamination to the inner part of the window

It’s offered of some luxury vehicles but like all luxury parts your paying the luxury premium

In North America Ford had this option on the 1986+ model Taurus and Sables. It was called an Instaclear windshield and used a transparent wire mesh sandwiched between the two glass layers. It worked remarkably well and quickly defrosted the windshield. However it was a very expensive option and prone to failure due to the very thin structure of the wires. The reason for it’s failure to be widely used in cars wasn’t technical but financial. Interestingly the technology is much more widely used in European vehicles.