Why can’t fungal toenails be completely removed?


Is there a reason extremely fungal toenails cannot be removed and have their nail matrix destroyed? It seems a lot of care is to do yearly trimming/drimmel

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The fungus is in your blood stream. I had my nails so bad I never knew why so many of them were even still hanging on. My doctor prescribed a heavy duty antibiotic I think it was terrafine but I am sure it is close. It was a ninety day course and I had to get a blood panel test to check my liver once a month on it. After the meds I had been warned I would not see any improvement for months. The doctor did well and everything went as he predicted. It even got rid of some athletes foot I had as well.

You can? You can have them removed and the nail beds treated with a type of silver that destroys them so they don’t grow back. I don’t know if that will stop fungus because it can grow on skin, but you can have your nails removed.

Certain conditions can exist that make removal of the toenail more dangerous than just yearly trimming. A lot of older individuals will have circulatory issues in the feet, which inhibits the ability to heal the wound from removal. Clotting disorders are another issue. People with diabetes have to be especially careful with their feet.

While the toenails can be removed, sometimes it just isn’t the best option medically.