Why can’t we see stars during the day?


Why can’t we see stars during the day?

In: Physics

Same reason you cant see your phone on dim on a super bright day. Too much light from brighter sources.

The atmosphere doesn’t let sunlight straight through, the sunlight bounces around and scatters and comes from all directions. This is why shadows aren’t completely black, and also why we can’t see as many stars in urban areas – the city lights bounce around in the atmosphere and drown out some stars.

This light from the sun bouncing around is much brighter than the light from other stars because the sun is closer. Our eyes are not sensitive enough to pick out the tiny spots of brightness from other stars when there is so much light from our own star coming in as well.

The sun is a star. So technically, you can. But that’s just semantics…..

The reason that we can’t see stars as we know them (those twinkly lights at night) is because the light of the sun drowns them out. Those small stars that you see at night, some of them are actually MASSIVE. Some of them larger than our sun, but they are extremely far away. So far away, that it’s distance may as well be an arbitrary number because we have no concept of distance on that scale. And because they’re so far away, a star’s light loses its brightness because of the distance it must travel.

in star gazing there is a term called light pollution, it is when too much light makes it so you cant see the stars.this is because the light from the stars is so far away and weaker, and the porch light of your neighbor is really bright. well the sun does this times like a million