why can’t you wear full face goggles that cover your nose in public pools?


I ask this because every pool or water park I went too always made me take my mask off. I need it because my sinuses and eyes are sensitive to chlorine and regular nose plugs and googles that only cover the eyes don’t work for me. I love diving and just being under water without the worry of chlorine water burning my sinus and eyes. For that reason I no longer go to water parks or public pools I only swim in the pool my sister in law owns. I just don’t understand this rule sorry.

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You’ll get a range of answers depending on who you ask but the main one is that there is a alleged risk of dry drowning (laryngospasm) especially for kids. The mask may also make it harder to tell if someone is drowning.

Other reasons may be that older masks were made of glass so they don’t want to risk broken glass in the pool.

Then there’s the people who are worried about perverts trying to watch people underwater.

Take your pick I guess. At the end of the day these pools want to minimize their liabilities.