Why clean clothes become smelly?


Why clothes, bed sheets etc… get smelly after awhile even though they were put away washed and dried?

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They start to absorb the air particles, dust, bacteria, and odors around them. Therefore, they lose their “fresh” scent.

I was just looking into this earlier today because my clean jeans smell bad. What I found said that bacteria can build up, especially in fabrics that take a long time to dry. (Denim is thick, sheets are bulky, etc.) I wash and dry everything on cold, which apparently may mean that the temperature isn’t getting high enough to kill the bacteria. Allegedly using vinegar in the wash can help with this, but I’m still in the process of testing this so I can’t vouch for it myself. I also read that using too much or not enough detergent can cause odors. If you use too little, the fabric just isn’t getting fully clean. If you use more than the machine can rinse away, then it starts to build up in the fabric.