Why couldn’t flash work anymore?


Why couldn’t flash work anymore?

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The program? Browsers disabled some of the necessary functions Flash needed. You can still use older browsers, find plug-ins, or run it as a standalone application though.

It was full of security flaws. Browsers stopped allowing it to function in order to keep users safe.

It was discontinued on December 30th, 2020 and started refusing flash player content in January 2021. If you have flash player installed on your computer the only thing it’ll let you do is uninstall it due to being obsolete.

It would still work given the right conditions, however it is outdated and insecure. Newer methods of achieving the same goal (HTML5) have been developed and adopted pretty much everywhere.

Basically the same reason we don’t use typewriters or horse-drawn carriages anymore.

It had too many holes in its security so most companies stopped using it. This lead Adobe to cease maintaining it.

Regarding Adobe’s Flash for web browsers?

The key issues were that it was no longer useful for new content, having been replaced by modern, open, standards, and the nature of the plugin itself made it constantly prone to security issues. Adobe decided it wasn’t worth fixing anymore and told users it would be discontinued in a few years (2020)


It was still functional when it was turned off.

The problem was that there are now other, better methods of accomplishing the same functions, while the older systems used in flash were less efficient, and more open to security problems.

While it broke a few websites, in reality for a large percentage of the internet turning off flash had no effect at all – they had already migrated over to newer alternatives for practical reasons anyway.