Why did my Guinness turn into a solid?


On St Patricks day I was having a Guinness. I also had a bottle of Baileys. Clearly somewhat inebriated I thought mixing some Baileys into my Guinness would surely create a remarkable sweet chocolate flavor. Instead, basically half the beer turned into a solid. I assume… it must have curdled? Why? How? What?

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Not sure. Maybe over at /r/chemistry?

The answer is the baileys has cream, the beer is acidic. Acid curdles cream. It’s why you don’t put lemon in your tea along with milk

Next visit to the bar ask for a brain hemorrhage. Just a little shot but you can see and then experience the reaction.

We used to drop a shot of baileys into a pint then race to drink it before it curdled. Called it an Irish car bomb.

Are [“Irish” car bombs](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_car_bomb_(cocktail)) not a well known drink to anyone anymore?