Why do ads load better and faster than the video you’re trying to watch?


When I’m trying to watch a video, an ad will load right away and play flawlessly in the beginning. But when the ad is done, the video sometimes takes awhile to load and play (even if it’s a minute long video like the ad was). I understand some of that may be due to internet issues, but is there something else going on?

In: Technology

There are often several copies of the same ad stored in servers all over the place, and only one or two copies of your video. This is because each ad gets viewed by many more people than each video.

Since there are more copies of the ad, odds are you’ll be closer to one of them than to a copy of your video, and so the ad loads faster.


Short answer. Because that’s how they make money. Ads are also smaller files so they don’t need to load as much content. They’re also likely to be cached on servers all over the planet so retrieval doesn’t take as long