Why do alkaline batteries run at 1.5V and rechargeable at 1.2V?

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How is it that they can’t go up to 1.5 V and does this change anything within the electronics? For example, a Game Boy (why that particular example? Beats me!) running at 4.8 V instead of 6?

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Different voltage is simply the result of different chemical elements.

alkaline batteries derive energy from the reaction between zinc metal and manganese dioxide. This reaction produces a potential difference of 1.5v

Nicd and nimh batteries use nickel oxide and cadmium (for the first) and a mix of metals for the second. 1.2v for both.

There are many battery types:

– zinc carbon (1.4-1.8v)
– lead acid (2v)
– liion (3.7v)

And many others.

6v batteries are created by putting 4 1.5v cells in series.

Electronic devices have some tolerance. You can run (usually) a device created for 6v at 5 or 4.5v. it will last less.

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