Why do all my jars with chili oil in them seem to leak, even when stored upright?


I love spicy sauces of all sorts, and they usually contain chili oil and/or chilis. Every time I pick up the jar, the oil has somehow climbed up through the cap seal, through the label and now all over my table/hands/everything. Why does this happen to these types of sauces but not the others?

Edit: the jars are made of glass.

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The oil and plastic are so similar that the oil seeps through tiny holes in the container that you’re using. Use glass with a pouring spout for best longevity and cleanliness.

When you pour out of the jar a little bit is probably getting caught around the rim, then as the jar sits for hours/days the oil creeps down and covers everything. A little bit of oil goes a long way!

As another comment said, get jars with a proper pouring spout and wipe any excess oil off the rim after use.