Why do all the animals including humans yawn? Especially while sleepy or while walking up after one.


Title says it all…

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We really don’t know. There have been many hypothesis on what yawning is for, but afaik, so far no study has really shown what yawning is for or why we do it.

Latest I’ve read on the topic is that it might be to check that the folks around as do have empathy, as yawning apparently isn’t as infectious to people who are lacking in empathy, but in general it’s still very much an open question.

Oxygen helps you stay awake. Yawning is a way of getting a quick blast of oxygen to stave off falling asleep.

Yawning is the bodies reaction to a lack of oxygen.

When you are getting tired or you’re waking up your body is deprived of oxygen. The yawn is a quick intake of oxygen to restore what’s missing.

One explanation is that you yawn when the lungs have low oxygen capasity. The yawn fills your lungs with fresh air. This happens more often when you’re sleepy and you breathing gets more shallow.

But there is evidence that fetuses do this too and it doesn’t serve this function for them.

Some say it has more to do with your heart rate. A yawn quickly increses your heart rate when your brains feels like it’s getting too low. This would also explain why you yawn when tired, because heart rate is lower when you rest/sleep.

Some say it has to do with bodytemperature and yawning cools it down. And there is some evidence that people yawn more during summer than during winter. And at night the body might be trying to prepare you for a good night sleep.

Also some say that yawning is a form of primal communication. And I’m sure there are other theories. It also could be a mixture of all these and more. Science hasn’t found an exact answer.