Why do apps always have negative reviews up front?



Every time I go and get an app from Google play there’s always one star reviews upfront. Even for apps that I know are widely well respected, work well and liked. The ratings can be 4.7/5 from 50m+ people but there is always negative reviews upfront.

In: Technology

I don’t know anything about ratings or review systems, but from what I know It is because these reviews are the most “Helpful”, as there is a option or something to mark it as helpful.

Negative reviews stand out more than positive reviews, and if there are like 1 million positive reviews and 10 thousand negative ones, you would probably see which one stands out and is marked as “helpful” more.

Plus, most of these “reviews” aren’t really reviews, sometimes in a game im playing there will be a popup saying “Are you enjoying this game? Please leave a 5 star rating” and there is a rate button that will count toward the ratings even though its not a review.

Because they’re generally more honest. There are companies you can pay to give yourself good reviews. If you don’t believe me, look up employer reviews. You’ll notice that the reviews celebrate constant over time, yet literally everybody who works there complains about it.