Why do babies gasp when you blow in their face?



Is it bad for them?

In: Biology

Babies don’t know breathing from mouth , they breath only from nose.
When you blow in their face they can’t breath correctly

You’d have the same reaction if you stuck your head out the window while driving or had a open window blasting full force on you. I’m not scientist but I assume it’s a sudden shock to the nervous system. Such as getting in cold water or a cold shower will take your breath away at first.

It’s not bad! You can actually blow in their face to help them fix their breathing, like if they choked on their own spit type of thing.

It’s a reflex action, it’s not dangerous, just the opposite, it keeps them from breathing if they get dunked under water. It is one of the reflexes that doctors check to monitor a child’s development. You can also trigger the same reflex by brushing the face with a tissue.

But it is not something that you should be doing for entertainment purposes.