Why do boiled onions not caramelize?


Why do boiled onions not caramelize?

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Depending on your elevation, water can only reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit before evaporating into steam. You need higher temperatures for proper caramelization.

Because the heat has to directly interact with the sugars in the food being cooked.

When you boil an onion the heat is dispersed through the water.

When you cook the onions directly over heat, the sugars in the onions come into contact with the heat.

Carmelization happens when sugars are broken down by heat and the oxygen in the air, a process called oxidation, the best way to do this is by cooking off the water in the onions. So simply for oxidation to happen you need air which you don’t have when your onions are in water.

Because water doesn’t boil hot enough for the big molecules to become smaller. the process is called pyrolysis.

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