Why do Boxers hug each other mid-fight?


I’m watching some old Tyson fights on youtube, and it seems like the boxers spend 70% of each round in a sweaty, somewhat hostile embrace. What does this accomplish?

(Feel free to assume I’m older than 5 in pursuit of a more detailed explanation, but do please Eplain Like I Know Nothing About Boxing)

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“The clinch” is sometimes used to tie up an opponent’s arms to prevent them from punching when they aggressively get in close. It’s also sometimes used to buy a little time to recover when fatigued.

It’s the equivalent of soccer players drastically exaggerating a touch to seem like they were punched or tripped, or basketball players doing the same. Draws a foul / pauses the action for a reset / stops the opponent’s momentum.

I’ve always thought that this was just a technique that boxers use to catch their breath and somewhat “recover a little” from being repeatedly punched in the head also while looking like they’re still trash-talking each other.

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