why do bright flashes of light (sun, camera flash, glare) cause temporary field of vision blindness?


Sun shining off the back of a car blinded me for a good few minutes and was the center of my vision no matter which way I looked. Even when I closed my eyes. I know for some it’s a migraine trigger, even.

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The way you “see” is that light strikes special cells in your eyes. Those cells contain a pigment that bleaches when exposed to light. The pigment being bleached is what causes the cell to send a signal to the brain to say that it “saw” some light. That pigment takes a moment to unbleach so the cell can be used again. Super-bright light super-bleaches the pigment taking much longer to unbleach, so it keeps sending the signal that it saw light.

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Oversaturation/overstimulation. Kinda same the other way around in the dark. Our photonic cells need some time to calibrate after a drastic change in light conditions