Why do bugs seem to think its a good idea to fly into a giants face?

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Just to be killed because the giant is just irritated by a bug continually flying into its face.

Also, what the fuck is it with them being able to enter a room, but being completely incapable of leaving again?

A fly done this to me today, i opened a door because its really hot, a HUGE OPEN DOORWAY.

It had no problem getting in, but was unable to figure out how to leave…

Instead opting to fly into walls and my face.

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Your core reasoning is flawed. Bugs don’t _think_ anything. They respond to stimuli. All this stimuli says “there might be something here. No? Maybe here.”

As for the ability to get into a room but not out of it? For every big fly that’s gotten in your house, you’re not seeing the 50, 100 or more that bonked off the window and buggered off. The bug’s vision is terrible. It’s not really seeing where to go like you or I do. It’s following scents and colours etc.

Flip that round, and no wonder it seems like it can’t get out. It was 1 in a thousand for it to get in. Same odds to get out.

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Another question is, can’t they evolve to know that there is a relationship between being near humans and death?? Is evolution even proven?

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Im just curious and derailed a bit from the question, but majority of animals cant kill them that easily even if the do fly straight into their faces?

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Their brains are very small and they are dumb. They don’t have the ability to think at a human level, or even the level of a far less intelligent animal like a lizard or a mouse.