why do burn wounds heal and feel so different from other wounds like cuts


Just burned my hand right next to a cut I recently got and couldn’t help noticing the difference. Also, why do they heal so differently, like making blisters and stuff? Is there a specific thing that happens when skin is burnt?

In: Biology

A laceration does not damage the surrounding tissue, so all that is required is for the healthy tissue to reestablish connection and replace damaged cells

In a burn there is the initial injury that destroys tissue immediately, then there is delayed thermal injury, then there is the inflammation as the body responds to the injury and cleans up spilled cellular content. After all of that new cells, connective tissue, and ultimately skin has to be replaced. This involves a constant fight with bacteria attempting to enter the tissue and is less organized than a laceration. Hence why it takes longer and heals differently

Burn wounds feel much different because large amounts of nerve cells are actually destroyed. In a clean cut the damage is not nearly as extensive. They heal differently because while areas of tissue need to be completely replaced.