Why Do Certain Colors Evoke Certain Emotions?



I learned more about colors and their associated emotions in a high school graphic design class, but I always wondered why red is associated with hunger like in McDonald’s logo and such?

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I think a lot of it comes down to the way humans (and the things they eat) have evolved. Lots of berries need to be eaten in order to spread their seeds. This means that berries will have better chances of reproducing if they can catch our attention. One way that they have done this is by adopting bright colors that stand out from their environment.

So essentially its been an arms race where berries have learned that they should be more colorful and unique looking (ie. RED) in order to reproduce effectively, and humans have learned to look for those types of things for food.

Most color associations can be explained by thinking about how humans evolved, and what different colors would have meant to a caveman.