why do computers get slow?

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I mean, not only slow and unresponsive over time, but also within a working session. Does it have to do with the amount of programs running, the internet tabs open, the amount of time turned on, or just the physical materials wearing off? I’m both genuinely curious but would also want to know to see if there’s anything I can do when my computer gets slow

Thank you guys:)

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There are many reasons that can slow down a computer

Imagine you’re in a large bookshop.
In this bookshop, there’s a librarian, and books on shelves.

Here’s a rule: if you want to read a book, you have to ask the librarian to go and read it himself, and then, he has to come back and tell you all about it.

The librarian represents your processor. He got the speed to find the book, read it, and tell you what he read.

The shelves and bookshelves are your hard disk (ROM).

To remember what the librarian reads, he holds it in his brain. In computing, this corresponds to random access memory (RAM).

If you’re alone in the library, the books are well arranged and the librarian is “in shape” and has a good brain, everything goes smoothly.

On the other hand, if the books are badly arranged, he’ll take longer to find them.

If the librarian lacks brains, he’ll have to go back and forth several times to tell you all about the book.

If you ask your librarian for too much information at once, he’ll be overloaded with work.

Another customer may ask the librarian to do anything. It’s a (computer) virus

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