Why do corgi butts float but other animals (including humans) don’t?


I keep seeing videos of corgi butts floating in water and I don’t understand why.

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Their dense fur traps a lot of air, making them more buoyant.

Humans have no fur and are (supposed to be) pretty lean, so they don’t float so good.

Ducks trap a ton of air under their feathers and float like corks.

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Human butts do float. They’re where a lot of fat in the body is stored, and fat is less dense than muscle, so they’re one of the floatiest parts of the human body.

In fact, when floating corpses are found, men’s corpses are generally found floating face-down, because the floatiest part of a man’s body (assuming he’s not obese) is the butt. Women are generally found floating face-up, as the boobs are usually floatier than the butt.