Why do corn chips (Fritos style) have ~50% more fat per same size serving than Tortilla Chips (Tostitos), given both are made of the same ingredients?


I have noticed that a serving of fritos has about 10g of fat per serving while tortilla chips are closer to 6-7g. Given that both have essentially same ingredients, why such a wide difference?

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I would suspect 2 things: one, different definitions of serving size (bulk quantity of mass). And two: Fritos are VERY “wet” and greasy compared to most chip brands.

The fat is mostly from the oil. So greasier chip means more fat

I think it is because tortilla chips are fried without oil and other ones are fried in oil. No idea if it is true but names suggest that i think? (tostitos – toasted, fritos – fried).

Why is same ingredients, different proportions hard to understand?

The way they are cooked may be different- so doritos are baked/dried before they are fried, so they get a crispy outside that soaks up less of the oil they are deep fried in, but the internet seems to thing fritos are just fried, so they have a softer surface to absorb lots of hot oil.