why do cracked-out voices sound like that?


Sorry if I need to rephrase this. I don’t think “homeless” covers the adjective I’m looking for, but it can definitely be comorbid/adjacent to this. Let me know if there’s a better way lol

Is it drug use that leaves one’s voice sounding like Lindsay Lohan post-2007? If so, what exactly about it is damaging their voice? Are there other factors I’m not accounting for?

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The creaky raspy voice is caused my chemical damage to the vocal cords by inhaling the drug. Smoking tobacco does the same thing, as does any chronic inhalation of something other than clean air. Crack cocaine and meth just do it faster because they’ve got a lot of nasty rogue chemicals that haven’t been cleaned out in the production process. Couple that with the relatively higher concentration of active and “inert” ingredients in todays drugs compared to those of yesteryear (20-30 years ago) and you get people who sound like a bad impression of Michael Keaton doing Batman.