why do crowds “boo” when dissatisfied. Why that noise? What was originally the reason?

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Additionally why do ghosts make that same noise lol

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Interesting fact: booing is not a universal thing. In Italy, they don’t boo. They whistle. Went to a soccer game and everyone was whistling at the ref after he carded someone on the home team. I was really confused until a local explained it to me.

On that same subject, they don’t whistle at someone to get their attention like we do here in the US, they make a “pst” sound, like we use when trying to quietly get someone’s attention, but they do it all the time.

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The origin is unclear, but we have been using sounds like it to express anger and dissatisfaction for milennia. The deep guttural sound is somewhat intimidating and sticks a lot better in your mind than say a banshee scream. 

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I don’t know what the original reason is, but I know that it’s the worst sound to hear on stage.