Why do “dead” cockroaches lie still on their backs and then sometimes either show signs of life or even just scuttle away like they’re fine?


I see this often enough IRL, but saw [this video](https://reddit.com/r/Damnthatsinteresting/comments/126p1gc/two_ants_dragging_cockroach/) today and it made me wonder why it doesn’t flip over and walk or fly away. It’s clearly alive.

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That roach has likely been poisoned and is in the midst of dying, it’s still alive but it’s convulsing randomly and is likely even further disoriented by having its antennae pulled like that. Imagine being exposed to sarin gas while mice drag you away by your eyeballs, I’d bet you’d be unable to stand up yourself.

As for other roaches, it’s possible they were done molting or were preparing to molt or otherwise just ended up on their backs somehow by falling off the ceiling or something. If they are healthy they’re perfectly capable of righting themselves and scurrying away.

I don’t know about the molting. I’m used to seeing cicada remnants but not roaches.

So they’re . . . fatigued? . . . after morning?