Why do early FPS that lacked mouselook such as Doom use CTRL and ALT for shooting and strafing as default?



Its so annoying! Especially with how its show easy to accidentally press the windows key and escape DosBox! I already customized my controls but I’m so curious who’s the morons who decided this would be a intuitive default control? I mean have they ever thought someone might exit the game multiple times by accident?

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The Windows key didn’t exist back then, so there wouldn’t have been any way to accidentally exit. (there was no key at all between control and alt)

Back then, there weren’t “Windows keys” on the keyboard. There was an empty space between the two keys. With how basic games were back then, those controls seemed more than enough to play. I think you’re forgetting what it was like back then because you’re “spoiled” by today’s modern controls and games. You moved with the arrow keys with your right hand meaning your left hand, to be comfortable, would have to be on the other side of the keyboard which lands on the alt and ctrl buttons.

They did not have mouse look.
Instead of using a mouse, your right hand was on the arrow keys, controlling how to look.
Also the windows key only came into being after Doom was released, as it originates with Windows 95.

There was no Windows key back then. Alt and Control were right next to each other which made it a very simple and easy to use control scheme.