Why do electric cars have weird looking tires?


Why do electric cars have weird looking tires?

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Electric Vehicles are much heavier than Gas cars because of the batteries, so they are much rougher on tires as a result

EV tires are heavier and made of stronger compounds to resist the wear and tear.

Some EV tires even have acoustic foam inside of them to reduce road noise, which is much more noticeable in an EV

EVs can and do use the same tires as gas cars. The primary reason for any tweaks to the tires would be to provide less rolling resistance which provides greater efficiency.

You might be thinking if the BMW i3 which does have a goofy tire/wheel setup for efficiency. Most EVs have regular looking wheels and tires

The tires themselves don’t look any different than any other cars tires. I assume the OP means wheels (rims) which are often aero wheels to help improve range.

i never noticed that the tires look weird. but if there is a difference, it’s due to weight. the smallest tesla is the model 3. in the long-range variant, the weight is 4250 lbs. the base ford f150 pickup weighs 4021 lbs. the tiny mid-size sedan weighs 230 lbs more than a large pickup. even the smallest f150 is huge thesedays, so it really shows how heavy those electric cars really are. it’ll be scary for cars to get into collisions with electric cars. a miata weighs 2300 lbs. almost half the weight of the tesla model 3