Why do generally doctor’s have bad handwriting?


of course not all o them but most doctors I have met in my life have bad handwriting why is that?

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Because they need to write a lot a day under stress. They just do not have time to do it properly. For example my dad used to create official document (expertise) for the court and had to sign every page (>150) afterwards. Imagine his signature… 😉

In the US doctors think of themselves as better than everyone else and they don’t need to make themselves understood, everyone else needs make the effort to understand them.

If they wanted to write more clearly they could.

Some of it is a result of writting standing up – try to fill a chart without any wrist support and see how well you do.

Speed. Because of the volume of content in school, you take notes as fast as possible and it carries over in practice.

Mostly speed n standing up
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