– Why do glowsticks last longer when stored in the freezer?


I heard somewhere at a really young age that glowsticks will keep glowing the next day if you keep them in the freezer after you “snap” them and they are still glowing overnight.

I’ve done it many times, including last night for the kids, and it always works. They won’t glow right away until they warm up, but if you leave one out overnight it’s always dead.

TL;DR – Why does cold put glowstick fluid in a stasis-like state?

In: Chemistry

The light is caused by a chemical reaction that happens when the two liquids mix

Cooling them down slows or even stops this reaction

The glowing is the result of a chemical reaction taking place. As long as the chemicals are reacting the stick will glow. But the speed of chemical reactions depend on the temperature. If it is colder the reactions happen slower.

Cold is the sensation of slower moving molecules. Slower moving molecules means slower chemical reactions.