Why do headaches reduce after a sleep


Why do headaches reduce after a sleep

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Depends on the type of headache.

Could be a tension headache caused by tight muscles. Sleep well relax the muscles.

Could be a migraine brought on by lack of sleep. Of course catching up on sleep will help in this scenario.

In addition to any effects the sleep may actually have on the headache, the headache may have been cured by processes that still would have eventually ended it even were you awake. Since you were asleep at the time the headache ended, it can be easy to believe the sleep was what ended the headache.

It is similar to cold “cures” which claim to cure a cold within a week. Colds only last a week, so if you catch one, and attempt the cure, it is certain to succeed. Not because it is effective, but because time has passed.

This is what is meant when people talk about correlation and causation.

When you wake up from sleep, often your headache is gone. This is correlation.

Sleep cures headaches. This would be causation. this is much harder to prove than correlation.