why do hot days feel hot?


the human body’s temperature is typically in the upper 90s, then why does an 80-90 degree day feel so hot? Wouldn’t it feel cool to us relative to our body temperature?

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We don’t feel temperature. What we feel is if we are warming or cooling. As the air temp. goes up our ability to get rid of our excess heat is decreased. We feel this as it being hot. This is why even on a hot day a gust of wind can make us feel cooler because it causes us to lose some heat as moving air takes away more heat from us than still air.

>the human body’s temperature is typically in the upper 90s, then why does an 80-90 degree day feel so hot?

We generate *a lot* of heat simply existing, and we need to get rid of that heat in order to stay at 98.6F.

If we’re in an ambient environment of 80-90 degrees, there’s not a lot of temperature gradient available to help us get rid of it. We feel hot because our internal heat is building up.

Our bodies are constantly producing heat. In order to keep ourselves from overheating, we have to be able to *shed* some of the heat we produce to the outside world. This requires a temperature differential — the closer the air temperature is to the surface temperature of our skin, the less heat our body can pass off into the air surrounding us.

Now, different mediums can exchange heat better. Water is much better at absorbing heat from us than air is. On a scorcher of a day, pool will feel cool and refreshing even if the water is at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s because your body isn’t really reacting to the absolute temperature of its surroundings, it’s reacting to how much excess heat it’s transferring away.

The metabolic processes that keep you alive keeps your body at 98ºF, your body needs to constantly get rid of that heat. The hotter it is outside, the harder it is to get rid of the heat and the hotter you feel. If it’s 98º outside that means if your body is doing absolutely nothing, it will maintain 98º; but the processes that keep you alive are burning calories which warms you up so it has a hard time getting rid of the heat since the outside air matches your body’s temperature.