Why do humans need sleep?


Why do humans need sleep?

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Let’s turn the question around: What happens if you don’t sleep.

There have been some interesting /r/AskReddit posts on it what people who didn’t go to sleep for a long time experienced. Most of it was related to hallucinations, incoherency, unable to concentrate and do simple tasks.

So, the brains have evolved to do a lot of housekeeping and cleaning up during the sleep periods: See it as cleaning the rubbish bins, mopping the floors, doing the dishes etc, all the things which gets done in a building when the people working in it are gone.

Imagine our brains are like a computer. When we sleep we turn off and recharge for the next day. If we don’t turn off, then we start experiencing problems and we slow down, for example: we start to hallucinate or we go into low power mode which makes us tired all the time.

We also all have a superpower where we regenerate like wolverine, but only when we’re sleeping. Regular sleep means we develop less problems over time. So it’s good to keep sleeping every night.