Why Do Hurricanes Hit Florida So Often


Why Do Hurricanes Hit Florida So Often

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Hurricanes can only form over warm ocean water, there are storms which have their origins off the coast of west Africa and then move across the Atlantic getting more powerful and then are deflected up the East coast of America normally bumping into Florida where they lose power over land. https://youtu.be/VWCVohW5mD8

They hit often? They usually go on by and head towards Texas or Louisiana. Florida has some of the worse afternoon thunderstorms ever seen. Clashing of air pressure from the gulf and Atlantic. Creates storms that laugh at hurricanes.


This may require a lot of scientific background to properly explain.

In somewhat scientific terms, equatorial Atlantic winds tend to blow northwest. Coincidentally, this means towards Florida. Warmer waters mean higher evaporation, which means larger clouds and thus larger storms. Warm waters and air provide fuel for the approaching storm. So you have a storm building over time and being blown on a collision course with the main land.

Explain as if 5: it’s like a snowball building up over time as it rolls down the hill. It’s coincidental that Florida is at the bottom of this hill.

Florida is surrounded by warm watwe, aka hurricane fuel. Unlike most coastal states, it can get hit from east or west. It’s also a big/long state with a very long shoreline, so there’s a lot of places for storms to make landfall.