why do iPhone photos often have warped perspective?



I’m doing a lot of organising and when I try to take pictures of shelves or such like, I notice I can’t get both the top shelf and bottom shelf straight in the photo. If I get one straight, the other is then wonky. Or vice-versa. This only seems to be a thing with iPhone camera… why is this?

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All lensed distort the image to some degree and the distortion is larger the farther you are from the center. You can see an example of the distortion in [this image](https://www.vision-doctor.com/images/stories/optik/fehler/distortion_barrel_pincushion_lens.png)

The distortion is higher for wide-angle lenses. Phones tend to have quite wide-angle lenses. It makes it possible at a short distance to capture a whole person. That is quite useful indoors when the space is limited. The drawback is image distortion.

Stand-alone camera lens does not tend to be as wide-angle because the typical use case is not the same. To DSLRs there is wide-angle lens and even more extreme fisheye lenses where the distortion is quite obvious but can be used for artistic purposes and you get [images like tis](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/44/47/4a/44474a840b03064e15ecda79e4b2483f.jpg)

If the iPhone has multiple cameras you should be able to swap to the camera intended for photos at longer distances. You can capture less area at the same distance but lines will be a lot straighter. So if you can back away a bit and like straighter line in the image that is a way to solve it.