Why do kids vomit more often than adults?


Why do kids vomit more often than adults?

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Baby ‘vomit’ is actually called positing and is to do with undeveloped and hypotonic muscle control, the stomach sphincters aren’t as well controlled and there is also gas trapping which when released suddenly will bring food up with it. This is the classic immediate milk vomit after food.

Childhood vomiting occurs for all manner of reasons. Underdeveloped immune systems, greater exposure to pathogens (poor hand hygiene, eating things off floor, lots of contact with other grubby children), lower pain thresholds (they haven’t experienced pain before), more cytokine release (immune response to infections that then stimulates vomiting, so things like ear infections can make them puke), less cerebral inhibition (they aren’t inclined to fight the feeling), and underdeveloped language skills (can’t express what/where the feeling is and thus doesn’t get painkillers and soothing agents in time).

Immature stomach sphincters, greater number and sensitivity of taste buds, and a gag reflex that hasn’t been diminished by age and mistreatment.

What do you mean “more often”? I can’t remember when was the last time I vomited.